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SSV-SxS-UTV are the most emerging racing vehicle of our eraTaking racers from both cars and motorcycle world in both sides of the ocean, is the most appropriate vehicle for Cross Country racing in terms of cost, drivability and safety

4 organisers from Europe created a synergy by joining forces and their rallies in one Cup.Hispania Rally in SpainHellas Rally in GreecePanafrica Rally in Marocco all 3 under HPH associationSandalion Rally  in Sardegna create the perfect mix for a Cup and provide all the joy, safety and high class organization level necessary for all SSV racers.
Away from typical boring and expensive Car races, where there are issues in terms of safety, cost and fun, the SSV Mediterranean Cup offers what is truly deserved.Tracks and itinerary specialized to the vehicle.

  • Shorter refueling distances
  • More fun in terms of navigation and speed
  • Normal vehicles with only necessary safety measure
  • separate tracks from other vehicles (Cars not accepted)
  • Medical plan of World Championship standards

Some of the organization characteristics

  • Typical Rally raid format with FIA spec Roadooks made by professionals
  • Timekeeping by World Class timekeepers
  • Tracking with Sentinel and all necessary features that cost a fraction of the usual costs

All combined by tracks made for SSV, right length, right size, perfect landscapes that combine from the Dessert and the Dunes of Merzouga to the wild mountains of Greece with river crossings, mud, snow and endless twisty gravel roads.

SSV Mediterranean Cup
2019 schedule
1. Hispania Rally 5-9/3 Spain
2. Hellas Rally 20-26/5 Greece
3. Panafrica Rally 21-27/9 Marocco
4. Sandalion Rally 5-9/11 Sardegna
Regulations (changes may occur)


  • UTV
    open, standard UTV-SxS vehicles with CE standards as homologated
    with seats, harness, fire extinguishers, standard tanks
  • UTV
    FIA as described in FIA regulations and amendments T3 (or ASN relevant), J283 technical
    rules (or ASN relevant). FIA homologation expired is accepted if less than 5 years or
    (or ASN relevant).
  • UTV
    Solo, standard UTV-SxS
    vehicles with CE standards as homologated with seats, harness, fire
    extinguishers, standard tanks driven by one pilot with motorcycle or
    relevant navigation equipment

All the above provide the proper environment for all to participateNo need to have anymore exclusively 100k vehicles.No need to worry about refueling and expensive safety tanks

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